Our Coaches

Tsuyoshi Kimura (Head Coach, Intermediate Squad, National Squad)
Tsuyoshi is Chandler SC Inc's Head Coach and also coaches the Intermediate and National Squads. Tsuyoshi has been a full-time coach in Japan and Australia since 1991. He is a certified Advanced Coach and also holds an Austswim Teacher’s licence.
While at Chandler, Tsuyoshi has produced a significant number of Australian Age Champions, Medallists & Finalists. He has also been instrumental in developing several of our young swimmers to the Age National level by offering support and the skill-base needed for this type of progression.
Previously, in Japan, he was a Head Coach at a very successful club which achieved several All Japan Titles. Tsuyoshi has coached Japan Age Championship medallists and finalists, including Japan’s Backstroke National Record holder. His experience in Japan also saw him train and work with Open National Swimmers.
Tsuyoshi's passion is coaching Age Group swimmers with a focus on working with technique to set foundations for long-term development.


Karen Pawlyszyn (Junior Squad Coach)
Karen is Chandler SC Inc’s Junior Squad coach, starting in 2017. She is a certified Development Coach and holds an Austswim Teacher’s licence. Her affiliation with Chandler SC Inc extends beyond just her job as she has been involved as a parent and on the Committee for several years while gaining coaching experience at other reputable swim clubs. Her understanding as a parent, combined with her knowledge of the sport and its processes is a perfect start to a swimmer’s journey (and their families!).
Karen’s calm, friendly demeanour combined with her focus on coaching the swimmers to be technically efficient is conducive to producing results while emphasising the importance of fun and enjoyment of the sport.


Matteo Melis (Junior Development Squad Coach, National Development Squad Coach)

Matteo is Chandler's Junior Development and National Development Squads Coach commencing in 2020. He is a certified Development Coach and is currently training to become an Advanced coach. Matteo has extensive experience coaching in both Australia and Italy. 

Matteo's enthusiastic, outgoing personality helps to keep swimmers motivated to achieve their best in a fun and friendly environment. 










Pathway to High Performance

The Sleeman Centre also plays host to one of SAL's Platinum Coaches, Vince Raleigh. Chandler swimmers are fortunate to be in a position to be able to transition into this program should a swimmer's development reach that level.