Annual Awards 2017

Club Person of the Year

** Jitu King-Meagher **

Shannon Rollason Excellence Awards

2016 Open Female Swimmer

Rachael Watson

2016 Open Male Swimmer

Jack McLoughlin

Jodie Henry & Alice Mills Award

Junior Squad Swimmer Female

Ngawaero Rapata

Junior Squad Swimmer Male

Kai Thomas

Inter Squad Swimmer Female

Emily Cobb

Inter Squad Swimmer Male

Ethan Wilson

Senior Squad Swimmer Female

Mikayla Messer

Encouragement Awards

Junior Squad Swimmer

Ethan Dowzard

Intermediate Squad

Damian Ong

Senior Squad

Emily Jamieson

Age Champions

Age Champion 8 Yrs&U Female

Zarah Milligan

Age Champion 8 Yrs&U Male

Cashy Luo

Age Champion 9 Years Female

Jovana Petrovic

Age Champion 9 Years Male

Joel Thomas

Age Champion 10 Years Female

Hannah Topia

Age Champion 10 Years Male

Cooper Wasiak

Age Champion 11 Years Female

Jayda Milligan

Age Champion 11 Years Male

Anders McAlpine

Age Champion 12 Years Female

Bailey Day & Ngawaero Rapata

Age Champion 12 Years Male

Kai Thomas

Age Champion 13 Years Female

Lexie Kuhnemann

Age Champion 13 Years Male

Ethan Wilson

Age Champion 14 Years Female

Alice Campbell

Age Champion 14 Years Male

Chad Fotea

Age Champion 15 Years Female

Charly Kuhnemann

Age Champion 15 Years Male

Lucas Humeniuk

Age Champion 16 Years Female

Sharni Pritchard

Age Champion 16 Years Male

Connor Bradfield

Age Champion 17/18 Yrs Female

Mikayla Messer

Age Champion 17/18 Yrs Male

Roarke Ronan

Runner Up Age Champions

Runner Up 8 Yrs&U Female

Mila Petrovic & Ashley Fang

Runner Up 8 Yrs&U Male

Hamish Harris

Runner Up 9 Years Female

Alyssa Salt

Runner Up 9 Years Male

Bailey Hambrecht

Runner Up 10 Years Female

Amy Daff

Runner Up 10 Years Male

Zayne Thomas

Runner Up 11 Years Female

Eloise Gilbert

Runner Up 11 Years Male

Sebastien Roy-Bryant

Runner Up 12 Years Male

Connor Harrison

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